Implied Questions

Before I go see the love of my life, Miss Loren “Ooooh She Just Did That”, I thought I’d give you some of my thoughts…Due to the fact I’m not with my child’s mother, I have the headache priviledge to enter the female mind through osmosis facilitated “mandatory in order for an injunction not to be filed” diffusion. And oh an interesting place it is. I’m not going to lecture on the male brain vs the female brain brain (j/k ladies!!!), but here’s a situation.  Recently I was called rude because tend to ask questions in statement form. Now readers, let’s dissect this shall we… I may say things like:

“I’m on my way to see the baby!”

Now I could say text:

“Is the baby available to be seen and are you able willing to stomach me for a while?

Now I see no difference in either people. If you remember, You don’t remember, but in grammar there’s something called “implied you”. Implied you relates to the subject in a sentence, bear with me people, I know our niggas attention spans is thin. The subject is implied. In the following command, the subject is the implied “you” that is the recipient of the imperative mood:

“Get the fuck out!!!” (yes, that means you, nigga!)

Now in this sentence its implied that the you want me to leave, obviously….well some things are too obvious to some of us niggas. Now in this same light I make questions in the form of questions. I leave time for a retort or comment. Like if say, “I’m going to play ball!” it leaves time for you to say, “But tonight is our movie night!! The Hills is on!!!!” So in essence my good people I am not being rude, simply asking a question in statement form!!!! What do you think????


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