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Rick Ross – Teflon Don (Album)

I’m offf to the beach for  day of fun roasting in the sun, but before I go I figured I’d bless you with some internet priracy! Im gonna need some driving music so I figured I’d be generous. I present to you the King of the Summer, Officer Rick Rozay Ross. TEFLON DON. This is the album of the summer (assuming TM103 doesnt come out soon). The first track goes extremely hard. You’ve heard “B.M.F”. and “Free Mason”, enjoy the rest. It’s laced with features and overall good music. Ross is taking the model of quality over quantity with only 11 tracks and no funny bullshit skits. I also included the iTunes bonus track because I love you! BTW, if you didn’t know, the teflon don was originally Mr. John Gotti (Let me Google that for you, click his name), the boss of the Gambino Family, and like Rick Ross, Albert Anastasia, Big Meech, Larry Hoover, Rich Porter, the Officer has adopted his moniker for money making purposes. Whether or not, Rozay sold drugs or ran mafioso gangs like the aforementioned felons is unknown but he laced this album with pure crack! Enjoy your weekends! Live, Learn, Love, Listen STEAL!

“My top back, I’m circumcised/I pull it back, just to go inside…”

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Teflon Don



I walked outside into the air and smelled the rain. It’s something about rain, maybe the sensory stimulation, which often evokes reflection. But I immediately began to desire the company of a friend. Now I had someone in mind but it wasn’t that that captivated me. The fascination came due to the fact I didn’t want to kiss or touch, but to just have that personality next to me. The smiles, the laughs, the whimsical playfulness. I think it’s that like of things of that nature that puts so many relationships asunder. The obsessions with the girlfriend/boyfriend husband/wife titles have made us skip the necessary steps to get to that end. Back to my story I think the biggest sparking point was the fact that she and I aren’t in a relationship nor are either of us aiming to be; we’re simply friends. Kindred spirits. Companions (that’s not to say that I wouldn’t consider more because I’d put serious thought into it). But anyways good ol’ Webster’s states the origin of the word companion is “bread fellow“, com- meaning “with”, pan- meaning “bread” and –ion meaning “going”. There’s such a beauty to the etymology of that word. GOING WITH BREAD. From this I deduce that as my companion we go along together feeding off of each other. This is the true essence of friendship. A give and take. An equal support system. A counterpart to reveal inner thoughts and desires to that wont pass judegement, but relish in your shared honesty.  These are the foundations and building blocks of a lasting relationship. In this information, microwave, speed age we live in, the friendship is non-existent. We go from hello to lets chill about twice to sex to relationship. The process, in microcosm, ends in futility most of the time. How do I know the real you? Your likes and dislikes? Or even if you care about those things pertaining to me if we are not friends first.  I side-stepped these steps before due to several underlying factors, it didn’t end well. But as I realize this now I’m learning to let that past situation be put to rest because she and I were based on two separate needs not a friendship. A lot of times loneliness forces our hand, or revenge, or lack of self-worth which we feel we can only find in a partner. I’ve come to find that the “friendship” stage is the stage where I find out whether I can actually GO along WITH you and is the BREAD something that would whet my appetite. Now once we are past the stimulus, follows fellowship. Fellowship is a great word. My dad defines it simply as “fellows in the same ship”, a play on the two root words. This means two or more people in the same place, going towards similar places, sharing experiences and helping one another along the way. This is the hanging out point, platonically having fun, laughing, joking, sharing, caring, and relaxing (and to that end, if I can’t RELAX when I’m around you then something’s not right. I love sex as much as the next more than the person, but if we can’t sit in solace then I can’t mess with you). This is how companionship between to people is formed in my opinion. True companionship. I think the greatest illustration is that of small children who like one another. At this early childhood age preferences haven’t been formed, nor past experiences, or preconditions and proclivities. At this age is pure honesty and attraction. I like you because when we play we have fun, we share and communicate. When I fall you help me up. You know what toys I like. We have a kinship off compatibility. After this then I feel like I can start to feel something for a person. A fondness, an attraction beyond physicality. A partiality to your presence over anyone else’s, because when it’s all said and done I like you for you, not for any other skin deep reason, but because as Chaka Khan said, “I Know You, I Live You”. A yearning for your personality mixed with the accompaniment of your visage, matched with the  sound of your voice. OH SHIT! And all this may seem deep but that’s because how accurate is our usual “like” for someone. We LIKE our needs met. That is our fondness: our tendency to seek benefits. We look for someone to sponsor us, someone to heal old wounds, someone to love us because we lack the ability to love ourselves, someone who looks good beside us, someone to control, or someone to abet our pleasures.  These superficial wants often lead to nowhere, FAST or SLOW. But without true friendship, nowhere is the destination. Re-evaluate your situations or the reasons your past situations have gone for naught. Make a companion before you waste your time.

Rick Ross (f. Jay-Z & John Legend) – Free Mason (prod. The Inkredibles)

I KNOW Y’ALL WANT THIS SHIT! I’m about to be late to the barbershop but eff it! Rozay & Hov. Free Mason , Illumananti, Huge orgys, whatever…. COMMENT AT BOTTOM! ARE THEY IN IT OR WHAT? Here goes a Hov line:

“Bitch I said I was amazin’. Not that I’m a Mason.”


DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z & John Legend – Free Mason (prod. The Inkredibles) [CDQ] | Mediafire

A Formula for True Empowerment by John Murphy

I had the extreme and I believe God appointed pleasure of waking up at the time when Ralph Marston (<<<CLICK TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER) put up a tweet on his Twitter. I began following Marston because Diddy (my nigga BTW) often retweeted his thoughtful and guiding tweet. Today he put up a tweet promoting an article by his friend John Murphy. The article had this to say on Murphy: 

“John Murphy is a spiritual mystic serving as a business consultant, leadership development teacher, process improvement expert, and management coach. He is the founder of Venture Management Consultants, Inc., a firm specializing in creating lean, high performance work cultures, and author of numerous books including Beyond Doubt: Four Steps to Inner Peace, from which this article is excerpted.”

The article itself was on feelings, thoughts, and emotions. It opened a door in my mind that had never been opened before. I urge you to read it. Its so profound and MINDBLOWING in nature, but dually daunting due to the fact of the backwards way that we have become accustomed to allowing ourselves to think. And its only so mindblowing because we have escaped into fear instead of love. We’ve lost before even beginning… I feel like my mind is about to explode from exspansion. This is some brain bending truth. And I know how “allowing” may sound but the article illustrates a means of clear thought and a formula on how to effectively master any feeling. Here is an exerpt illustrating what I mean, and the link to the actual full article will be at the bottom.

Consider this equation:

Thought  x  Emotion  =  Feeling

Looking specifically at the thought factor in the equation, note the following potential failure modes and the impact they can have on how you feel:

  • Too many thoughts, leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed, no peace of mind
  • Thoughts that are not true, leading to feelings of jealousy, despair, anger, etc.
  • Thoughts that are irrelevant, leading to wasted time and inefficiency

Winston Churchill once said, “The price of greatness is responsibility over each of your thoughts.” It is absolutely essential that we stand vigilant over our thoughts. We cannot stop thoughts from coming, and it is a mistake to try, but we can stand watch over the thoughts we choose to carry and those we elect to let go. This is the first blindfold we must remove, the unnecessary and misleading thoughts that occupy our minds. With this release comes a tremendous sense of freedom. Just stop and ask yourself from time to time, “How would I feel without this thought?”

ARTICLE LINK: A Formula for True Empowerment by John Murphy

PURCHASE BOOK: Beyond Doubt: Four Steps to Inner Peace

Radical Conformity

In Mr. Allesondroni’s we were fortunate to have a book in our curriculum that had a bunch of short stories in it. Much to my displeasure, I don’t remember the name but, it was fashioned to promote questioning, which later I learned is a powerful learning and teaching tool (I paid attention a bit in staff developments). In this gem of a book there were several short stories that were different from the anticlimactic stories that we usual read, well at least in my estimation.  We had been reading books like the Acorn People, The Outsiders, and other boring novels, but this book, which today I believe was implemented poorly, was jam-packed with whimsical fantasy stories about the future and celestial beings. One story stuck with me particularly about a dystopian future. Dystopia meaning is a vision of an often futuristic society, which has developed into a negative version of Utopia, in which society has degraded into a repressive, controlled state. The story was entitled “Harrison Burgeron” by satirical and futuristic writer Kurt Vonnegut.  In this controlled state people are finally equal, physically, mentally, and bodily. For those stronger they are forced to wear weights, for those beautiful, they are forced to wear masks, and for those with exceptional and rebellious thought, they are forced to wear headphones that blast mind melting noises.

I happen to read this short story recently and it made me think of the people I know and the people I come in contact with every day. In the story the government forces people to become the equal or the same, whereas in my everyday finding the people I see are conforming to each other at their own behest. I generally see this in my own demographic. Young, black people. It’s so alarming the rate I see everyone becoming everyone else. Modern day clones. And it’s not even that we like the same things, it’s the unwillingness to try what’s different. The consumption of others thoughts are so heavily weighted on our brains that we’ve lost our true selves, or at least deterred on the journey finding ourselves. It’s funny that my first realization of this was with my liking to wear flip-flops or “chancletas” being the Spanish term. People would say “Oh, you got them thong boys on nigga? That shit is gay.” Now while their feet smoldered in chunky Air Ones and diabetic socks on a 97 degree day, I was cool. That’s a simple illustration but when you think of it, it’s so stupid for that even to be questioned. I play Frisbee and it’s looked down upon as a white sport (NEWSFLASH: Dickheads they all are! Naismith, a white man, created basketball and as was football).  I often hear the words “I’m not like every other boy/girl”. The more often you say that more like that you’ve became. It’s become a fade to be labeled different. And this difference is a socially accepted norm which in turn makes you the same. I like to call it radical conformity. A group of people changing to be different, to become differently the same. Every girl has turned from Beyoncé to Nicki Minaj. Everybody is a black Barbie, FOH. Every nigga is the new Wayne. It’s ok to have aspirations, but aspire within yourself. You may fashion yourself after something but do it in your own mold. Don’t poach another man’s mold style. I think that’s why girls like or are attracted to me so much (I’m not totting my own horn), it’s because I have the ability to be myself,  not the next man.

The inability for us to even open our minds past trivial things is what causes our inability to not grow. I often wonder why other races are so much happier and flourish so often, I’ve come to find that when you embrace or at least mull over every opportunity no possibilities are lost. We nix every possibility because of what someone may or may not think of what we’re doing.  I was reading another Vonnegut story about the future and this quote leaped off the page at me:

“…most of the world’s ills can be traced to the fact that Man’s knowledge of himself has not kept pace with his knowledge of the physical world.”

Its mind-blowing how a quote from so the 70’s can still echo in today’s society. The timelessness is staggering. In essence it means as time goes on, the world changes, and we witness its changes. But as we cease to adapt with the change, taking the new found knowledge we create problems and issues for ourselves.  THAT QUOTE IS A BEAST!

 To me the rudimentary issue lies in self-esteem, self-perception, and utter lack thereof of both. I got the words “KNOW THYSELF” tattooed on the inside of my wrists. It was a quote by Socrates that resonated with me as I became more mature and realized myself. It means to me that if I know myself there is no way that anyone can tell me otherwise about me. Any negativity directed at me or about me falls on deaf ears because if I know myself, what they think or say is drivel. As soon as we adopt this attitude we can erase the robot army we are cultivating. A bunch of mindless beings following each other. And the worst part is that these trends and fads that are being stuck to so staunchly are not even FUBU (for us, by us), they’re what the media and record companies want us to follow with fierce Zombism. I petition you to find yourself.  Take risks. Become versatile. As your horizons expand so will you, and in turn so will the opportunities afforded to you.

 I leave with you a scripture that doesn’t directly state my point, but parallels it:

6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meats:7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.8 The morsel which thou hast eaten shalt thou vomit up, and lose thy sweet words.

-Proverbs 23:6-8

Rick Ross – Maybach Music III f. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

New music from Big Meech Larry Hover Rick Ross Ricky Rozay featuring my baby Ms. Badu, Clifford, and Jada. This is slated to be on Teflon Don hitting stores July 20th and the net any day now. Rawse got his foot on the pulse of the rap game and he aint letting up! The only nigga 50 couldn’t kill! “THAT FAT MOTHERFUCKA!” Click the songs at the bottom to listen to the first two Maybach Music’s thEn dowload the newest J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League produced installment for your listening enjoyment. Oh and i dropped a bonus gem for y’all at the bottom! I personally think “Maybach Music Pt. 2” off Trilla is the best but the lost Jay-Z verse on the Pt. 2 beat is viscous. Steal Download away people!

Download: Rick Ross- Maybach Music Pt.1 (f. Jay-Z)(prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

Download: Rick Ross- Maybach Music Pt.2 (f. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & T-Pain)(prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Maybach Music III f. T.I., Jadakiss & Erykah Badu (prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

*BONUS* DOWNLOAD: Jay-Z – Mayach Music Pt. 2 (Lost Verse)


I choose this painting by Jackson Pollack, an American abstract expressionist to illustrate my "urgency". Pollack painted with a reckless urgency using what is called the "drip" technique. The painting is called No. 5, 1948, it is the most expsensice sold painting in history, selling for $140 million. Click the painting for more information.

I’m looking around and realizing that my DREAMS far surpass and outweigh that of my contemporaries (I’ve had that in my head for the past three days. Maybe it’s better I didn’t go to the beach today so I can get these thought onto paper, well plastic if you will). It seems like I just woke up and saw my DREAM in front of me, or should I say went to sleep since REM needs sleep to occur (that was HOT). When I think about my personal REM it seems to overshadow those of the people I know. I often ask people about what they want to happen years down the line, how they want to live, what they want to be able to do, and it often is so miniscule, in my eyes, in comparison to the things I want. And that’s not to say that their dreams aren’t valid, valiant, or viable but just menial in my eyes (this seems unempathetic but I cant pull the words out right now to say what I mean, but I assure you its not being said in a disrespectful manner). It sometimes causes me to question my own DREAMS. Is their dream more comprehensible because it is so common, whereas min is abstract because it’s more inaccessible? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t do pipedreams. My DREAMS are graspable with the right amount of work and passion. Now when it comes to “work” I’ve never been so lucid on the fact that I am read to do just that, WORK. I’ve often been like a deck of cards strewn out on a table, each card a sound, feasible, and ratifiable thought or course of action but with no direction. But I now have picked up the whole deck of 52 and found one cohesive thought and plan. It’s electrifying if you think about it, especially to me with my self-diagnosed ADHD. It’s like seeing an exponential amount of visions and then them all focusing slowly into one clear reality. Recently I had the chance to see a dream realized on Tuesday and to see the person take ownership of their own. The shit was awe-inspiring, empowering, and reflexive on me, all at the same time. That coupled with a few songs I’ve had on repeat recently unearthed an urgency that’s been fermenting for quite some time in me.

See I was never good in school, I had the ability to but it was never my cup of tea. Once upon, a long time ago, in the fantasy world I lived in, I was motivated spellbound by females a female and it fucked my situation. I dropped out and veered off course. But I can’t totally blame it on that because I never truly went to school for myself, and in doing/not doing that I was bound to fail.  Thinking back on those days, they were the worst decisions I’ve made, and I’ve made some fucked up decisions. I looked at it in a micro sense but never from the macro point of view, which has become a huge detriment. The macro, or the big picture, is so hard to see sometimes and it takes your back against the wall and the floor falling out for a realization to occur. I’ve come to find all I need is me and the muscle stuffed inside my cranium. So in light of this enlightening I think it’s about time for the URGENCY to get in the kitchen this PASSION and DETERMINATION and they cook up this DREAM FUTURE (I’m to the point where I’m like fuck dreams, lets call them REALITIES)

I’ve always had this skill with pen, or keyboard rather. Its always killed me that I was this good even with no college and lackluster perfomances from 4-12th grade. Maybe its a gift from God, I’m trying to make something out of it…yesterday. Like my nigga Kanye just said recently on Live Fast, Die Young”:

“…Dr. Martin Louis the King, Junior/ and I’ma never let the dream turn to Kruegers!”