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Sir Michael Rocks – Foreign Features [Video Rip]

This shit was just too smooth. I had to rip this jawn. Off the upcoming project by Mikey Rocks and Tye Hill and The Productionix.

DOWNLOAD: Sir Michael Rocks – Foreign Features [Video Rip]


Artist Showcase: Haiti da Poet

Sorry for the delay on this artist showcase blame it on procrastination, at least I’m honest. But for my sophmore installment I got a fresh young cat  pitbull to highlight. I hooked up with this dude at a place where you may not find much rap or poetry. We conversed on the Frisbee field, yes thats right FRISBEE. But this dude has a clear vision and a voice that must and will be heard. His name is Haiti da Poet and he hails from the great stae of NEW JERSEY! He started writing and composing in his adolescence and currently at 19 is ready to take the forefront mic in hand. He has a website and a mixtape currently out called “Songs of Freedom“. He delves in to several genres, excelling in his craft. He explains his affinity for music saying, “God has blessed me with a huge talent and I knows that with time my gift will be revealed to the world”. Here’s what Haiti had to say about his music on a recent interview with hip-hop blog I Used To Love Him:

Q: So you are a singer/songwriter/emcee/producer. Let’s imagine that you had to pick only one occupation, which one would it be?
Haiti Da Poet: If I had to pick one thing to be my main occupation it would have to be song writing. I’ve been writing since I was 8 and in my mind my creativity at first ear shot is 30 years older then I am now.
Q: How would you describe your music??
Haiti Da Poet: I’d describe my music as the part of yourself that your missing. Once you find it you never want to lose it again. It’ll be like losing the ability to breath.
Q: What motivates you to write & record the music you make?
Haiti Da Poet: What motivates me to write and record music is my love for life. I see my music has the ability to motivate and uplift people, and when you have the power to change the world all you need is life to motivate you.
Q: What can we expect from your new EP “Songs of Freedom”? What is its concept?
Haiti Da Poet: What can be expected from “Songs of Freedom” is a positive uplifting vibe. I feel like people need that now and days. The concept arose from the late and great Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” I heard it and it had such an impact on my state of mind that it inspired me to create “Songs of Freedom”.

So as you can see he takes his music and craft very seriously. And with that said here goes a sample of some of his tracks…LISTEN UP & PAY ATTENTION! Here goes my personal favorite produced by YFame (He nice too!) entitled “Super Hero”:

…and here goes a stream of his just dropped mixtape entitled Songs of Freedom

DOWNLOAD: Songs of Freedom

For more info, tracks, stalkage, homage, or whatever here’s all things HAITI DA POET:

…also from what I hear due the this artist showcases Haiti and Logic will be hooking up on a track. Watch out for that!

Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams (Mixtape)

So all this new summer music in Noah’s ark flooding in. New Young Jeezy mixtape on just about every beat out. Also the “This is not a Diss” Rick Ross diss mention Death B4 Dishonor (B.M.F. beat). Jeez went on record saying that the track wasn’t a diss but with bars like: “How you blowing money fast?/ You don’t know the crew./ Oh you part of the fam?/ Shit i never knew”.  Its hard to think its not aimed at everyone’s favorite Officer Ross. Anyway Mr. 103 goes in on Pretty Boy Swag, O’ Lets Do It, Massive Attack, and Hard In the Paint. TM103 set to drop Sept. 28th. You can listen to the tape below and download individually or DOWNLOAD the whole tape at the bottom. Definetly weekend music! ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – 1000 Grams (Mixtape)

Kanye West – See Me Now f. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson (prod. Kanye West x No I.D. x Lex Luger)

New Kanye West or as Byron calls him…The Devil. I’m not one for conspiracy. I’d rather look at your actions and works. To me you could call the white man the devil for slavery or Hitler the devil for the Holocaust but besides that its all speculation till someone admits it. He does talk about the Devil in this song though so idk. #anywho so Kanye who is enamored by Twitter at the moment posted that he was in the studjo with Lex Luger (producer of BMF) and longtime friend No ID. Here is there brainchild. Kan receives assistance from the beautiful Beyonce and Charlie Wilson. He even dropped off cover art. Music at the bottom. Listen then download. Or vice versa or both. Oh by the way he is back….hard #nohomo Shit like “…If you fall on the concrete nigga that’s ya ass fault (asphalt)”. Oh shit!

Now, I’ma need you to kill the hypocrisy
This is an aristocracy
I’m Socrates, but my skin more chocolately
What’s up with who? That’s old news
I’m in a speedboat, in my boat shoes
Huh? I swear my whole collection’s so cool
I might walk in Nobu with no shoes
“He just walked in Nobu like it was Whole Foods!
That nigga crazy, I told you!”
Immature adult (uh huh), insecure asshole (what else?)
And if you fall on the concrete, that’s yo’ ass fault
If you pass on a Kon beat, that’s yo’ last fault

…oh and he’s currently working on the POWER remix with the most powerful nigga in the game Jay-Z

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West – See Me Now f. Beyonce & Charlie Wilson (prod. Kanye West x No I.D. x Lex Luger)

Know Thyself

My favorite tattoo used to be the rose I had on my bicep that stood for an ex of mine but recently it changed. On my wrists I have the word “Know Thyself” written, one word on each wrist. It’s interesting that I haven’t learned the true meaning and relevance for almost a year later. The quote is a Greek aphorism attributed to several philosophers. I believe it’s the consciousness and knowledge that can be attained. The implications can be manifold. My greatest goal is to obtain free thought; thoughts that are unbridled, unabridged, and unhampered by any outside entity. Pure thought that only can be derived from you and God. And it all starts when you “Know Thyself” or have come into complete acquaintance, acceptance, friendship, and LOVE of who you are. Not who people perceive you to be or what society says about you but who you as an individual are solely. If KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, then KNOWLEDGE OF SELF IS THE ULTIMATE AUTONOMIC POWER.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” –Laozi

When I am in full acknowledgement of me I know the ins and outs of myself. This means knowing what I am and what I am not. Who I am and who I am not. Know that I know myself the perception of other have no foundation. How can you tell me something about which I am when I am fully in tuned with who I am? And even if they are right, I’ve come to grips with these facts myself before you thought them and I am moving on purposefully with this knowledge. It has become impossible for someone to call me any name or place any negativity on me because I know who I am, so their thoughts and perception are nil in my eyes, airy, weightless. I then can move on unscathed by the opinion of other; now having the ability to achieve and prosper without outside interference. Knowing yourself also means knowing your value and being able to see if other recognize it. If their calculated worth of you doesn’t match yours there’s a problem.

In our age bracket we tend to have “haters” (a cliché I seldom use) and naysayers who have made a sport of telling us what we can and cannot do. Know that I know myself I have a full range of my capabilities and inabilities. I can almost pinpoint the outcome of any constructive task I take on. Of course you can’t foresee every circumstance but in knowing yourself you can plan around these things. For instance, I wanted to start blog. I knew I had the capability to write. I knew I had the means and brain power to do it. I also knew I was a procrastinator so I set up certain guidelines so that I continue to write. I couldn’t have planned for my drawback without being aware. And this could be attributed to several situations. When I know what I can do I am also realistic and logical when it comes to certain undertakings. We should always try but a stance of realism in what we try accompanied with the knowledge of self can prevent failures of the self-perception of being one.

The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls. -Elizabeth Cady Stanton

A mirror is scary for some people. Michael Jackson made the song Man in the Mirror and it incited retrospection years later for Chris Brown. Knowing yourself comes with a realization of your flaws and the ultimate acceptance of them. This allows for a free conscious or at least a leg up when it comes to certain things. When I get angry, I get furious, and in knowing that I have been able to thwart many maladies because I see this flaw and don’t allow myself to get into certain situations where these those flaws can take over and end negatively. That’s a big situation but in microcosm it fairly easy to understand. I know I don’t like ethnic food so I don’t eat it. I know that me and a certain person don’t see eye to eye so I’m am not going to go where they are and be confronted with these feelings which may end in hostility. It’s not being scared or cowardly or perceived as soft. It’s about being intelligent and cautious. The ability to side step several situations and circumstances is a great proponent to know yourself. Also in knowing me I know what I need to work on. I know my flaws on every angle so I can do my best to fix them. Just like in AA meetings the 1st step is admittance, and then you can go about changing whatever blemish you may be retaining.

“Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing. Use the pain as fuel, as a reminder of your strength.” – August Wilson

A lot of people use the catchphrase “to know me is to love me” and this could be true but it generally talks about another person. When turning this truism inward it garners introspection. The greatest Love you should have apart from your offspring and God is a strong staunch and unrelenting love for yourself. Many beg the quandary: “How can I love you when I don’t even love myself?” And just like in a relationship it takes knowledge of self and acceptance to love YOU. Also the same as in a relationship it takes time, work, and support of you in finding yourself. I LOVE ME BECAUSE I KNOW ME, JUST AS YOU LOVE ME BECAUSE YOU KNOW ME.

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” – Anonymous

I think the greatest and most profound thing I’ve gained from knowing myself is that when I fall short I know that God has taken over the rest. I’ve achieved things that my capabilities haven’t been able to, so I know when my abilities stopped his abilities took over. In know those things I know God has my back. There’s greatness in knowing yourself, a freedom, a liberty. You’ll be filled with hindsight and shun doubt. You’ll also gain a handle on how great God is. Find YOU today and get to KNOW that person.

Now off to Sesame Place deuces!!

New music by Andre 300- – I Do

Work in Progress. What Do You Think?

With so many thoughts and revelations that I have on a daily basis, often, my greatest struggle is to find out what to right. I’m frequently in deep thought so it usually takes a jolt. Today it was a tweet by the wonderful Corazon Macias. It read, “stop allowing your mind to become filled with negative thoughts.” The processes of thought and cognition have recently been barraging my mind lately. I can’t shake so thus I write.

When things or concepts are on my mind, I find that I see parallels or references in every possible place or conversation. I was walking around my room and a Nas verse came into my head; just a half of bar but a profound on nonetheless. On the song “Doo-Rags” on The Lost Tapes Escobar says “…war is necessary for my niggas in chain.” Now in the simplest form you’d think of wars, apartheid, maybe even slavery, but when I heard it in my head I thought of the cover of Carter G. Woodson’s “The Miseducation of the Negro”. On the cover there is a girl graduating with a lock and chains around her head. The line went over and over in my head repetitiously.  I began to think or be enlightened. In this day and age war is prevalent but niggas in physical chains are not.  So what war and bondage would Nas is talking about? And the book I thought of spoke on the locked mind of the black person due to institutionalized racism. And in these two separate forums I found that Nas was speaking on the war of the mind. It’s the greatest unforeseen battle yet the most rudimentary. Apart from class, color, or creed we all have thought or cognition and this is the key to every happiness, sadness, situation, and future, past, anything.

In my estimation, the first thing there was is thought.  Genesis 1:1 in the Bible states that: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” This in itself couldn’t have been executed without thought. God began to speak thing into existence and it was. The greatest creations, which lead to the greatest love began with a thought. As we think and engage in the process of doing so we are beginning something that can die or fruitfully turn into anything we want it to. This is the power of thought. Thought is the power of life, and through positive, focused, and Godly thought anything can be attained.

When you think of your thought and the thought process that you harbor you can deduce why and whence you circumstance and situation have come. If you keep negative thought o allow negative thoughts to be given to you by other people the only outcome is negativity. Often we look at situation and ask why? But the initial thought about the situation that lead to you engaging in it materialized into your current situation. Often people ask me questions about relationships. They say things were good and then they went sour. I often ask what was your thought process at the on sight of of the relationship. Were your thoughts pure and


When we were in school, back when we probably paid attention, we learned about natural resources in science. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about them:

Natural resources occur naturally within environments that exist relatively undisturbed by mankind, in a natural form. A natural resource is often characterized by amounts of biodiversity existent in various ecosystems. Natural resources are derived from the environment. Many of them are essential for our survival while others are used for satisfying our wants.

These are commodities that are essential for our survival on Earth, such as: air, plants, animals, coal, fossil fuels, rock,  mineral resources, forestry, soils (or earth), and water. These are all valuable assets that appear naturally on this Earth, given to us by God to wield in the ways we see fit. But I challenge governing bodies to add the most precious resource we have at our disposal. It appears naturally, you were born into it. It can’t be stolen, only given to someone. It’s so precious that people would give all there possessions for more of it, but the richest man in the world doesn’t have enough money to buy. It’s so natural; it cannot be harnessed in a can or manufactured in a warehouse. If the drug dealer could sell this he’d be rich beyond means. And when this resource dries up its impossible to get it back. With properties so magnanimous and copious it gets wasted at a whim so flippantly; it’s all around us but often we forget its existence. This resource is our TIME. Everybody wants more of it when it’s lapsed, but the majorities of us don’t treasure it and use it to its full potential.

It’s easier to see the weight of TIME when variably putting it into the definition of the natural resource: TIME occurs freely in the environment. It was given to us by God and cannot be wielded or changed into any other form. No matter what you do TIME will pass. It spans across every ecosystem and culture and everything presiding on this Earth. It is essential to our lives and survival because when it is up so are we.  The power is in what you do with this time. Frivolous behaviors and lack of focus and thought mar the purpose of successful time management. As we continue to fill up our time with wasteful thinking, dubious meaningless activities, and worthless emotion we loss powerful minutes of our lives that can never be returned. I was driving the other day and it came to me that TIME IS LIFE. The minutes we discard doing things that don’t add value to ourselves, others, or gratifying God are minutes that we’ve practically spent dead. I think of it like this: in those minutes that I just did nothing or sulked or played around I may as well have been dead. Those minutes are lost and they will pay no dividends for the future so what exactly was I alive in that space of time for. I know that sounds a little deep but follow me. As I waste my TIME I waste my life. Times I’ve spent depressed or wanting without getting up and getting, places I’ve went knowing there was nothing there for me, relationships I knew I should leave because they were going nowhere, dwelling on the negative rather than wrangling the positive, staying in futile circumstances, not accepting the things that I can never change, negative thoughts that I allowed myself to think that only brought me down rather then up, these things could be replaced so easily. Imagine how many times in your lifetime you’ve done things like this. Get a firm grasp of those instances and rip them out, now supplant them with time spent being happy or taking steps to gain eventual happiness, add productive sessions of prayer or mediation. Put in some realization, because I feel like the greatest waste of time is living in a fantasy, we need to come to grips with what is real and has the actuality of happening. Yes, we can do all things through Christ, but without effort or the gumption to get up and move, it will not happen. The person that won the lottery at least had to get up and get the ticket. Also augment positive thoughts that will blossom into positive situation, which will evolve into a positive circumstance, which will bring forth a positive life and lifestyle. We’ve been so whimsical with our TIME that we’ve made it meaningless and become oblivious of it depletion as each day goes by. I think that because time comes in so many increments it’s become second nature for it to be uncultivated by us. We say, “Well that was only a few seconds.” or “Give me a minute.” But we don’t realize that in when not using this time this time wisely it could easily turn into “Give me a few years” or “I’ll be there in a century.” Now those are extremes but looking at them in a broader sense it’s easy to see how this could happen. We see the homeless and the decrepit and we scoff or laugh, but think of what they could have been if they simply used their time wiser. The drunk, the drug addict, we seem them they’re one step from some of us, the only difference is that there time is monopolized me these leeching substances. So as we move on and get older we have to use the TIME  God has given us wisely and with care that we’d give a newborn because when the TIME dies so do we and we will have wanted to have lived in that TIME filled with love and purpose. PEACE, LOVE, AND TIME!