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What You Should Be Listening To!!!

In an era of expiring expiration dates and feigning freshness in the hip-hop “game”, I’ve come to look at the artists on the outside of the “game” who are still watching in disgust just like I am. The internet and social networks have become a breeding ground and melting pot for the electric and untainted artists I’ve come to love recently. The vibe these artist exude is untouched by comme

rcialism and quotas, It hasn’t been marred by boardroom honchos or record label taskmasters. Now don’t get me wrong, many of these underground artist have turned mainstream and held true to their native form, making the music that THEY THEMSELVES want to make. People like Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, Curren$y, J. Cole. But others to my chagrin, have leapt into the cavernous pit of the commercial. *coughs* Wiz Khalifa.You know what, fuck that, Wiz Khaifa used to be my mans so I’m gonna speak on it. His music used to have a smooth stoner rebellious vibe that even the marijuana-ly prude person could get down with. But now he’s the king of the new POP movement….smh. But I digress.

But thats not what this is about. I’m writing this because the first music quarter bent over and showed its whole asshole on the underground music scene, with drops from some of my personal favorites that I feel y’all asses outta know about. And also some people you do know about so its all gravy! Now it’s not too hard to get an ear into underground. There are so many sites that specialize in it and then there God’s favorite social network TWITTER. But I’d like to shoutout two websites in particular that always have the latest music from the underground and above surface for that matter. and They keep me updated to the max and generally only put up official work and videos. But now to the music. Here’s a couple drops from people you may or may not know but you damn well should know! (Some I’m gonna give a little more shine to cause I listen to them more. Peep the bias!)

Pac Div (Pacific Division) @itspacdiv

Location: Los Angeles

Project: Mania! (Hosted by Don Cannon)

Fresh Cuts: “SuperNegroes” “Anti-Freeze” “Chief Rocka Freestyle”

Now I been listening to Pac Div for about two years now and these niggas (Like Mibbs, and BeYoung) can flat out rap. They like most of the hipster rapper have that braggadocios bravado. They tend to rap about everything from clothes, cars, and women to racism, personal downfalls, and family. I got up onthem from one of their earlier mixtapes, Church League Champions, which was crazy. Mania! doesn’t disappoint either. And they aren’t laking at all in the lyrics department. All three bring it. They are everymen with lines like: “Guess what I did? I told my boss I quit./ When my check come you better have my shit!/ Stood atop my desk blew the office a kiss/ and told Brett from accounting YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK!” I’m sure we all can atest to that. Give them a listen (if not for the music, for the album cover.)

DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Mania!

Chip Tha Ripper @chip216

Location: Clevland, Ohio

Project: Gift Raps

Fresh Cuts: “Light One Up” “Jumanji” “Plural”

I kinda just got up on Chip or whatever. I heard him on Curren$y’s SmokeeRobinson Mixtape (COP THAT!). But I happen to see a video that he put out and I had to cop this jawn. His music is straight up infectious. His husky voice over energetic beats is a perfect match. Also a hipster rapper, he worked with genius and one half of the Cool Kids, Chuck Inglish. So the beats are that work. Every beat feels good and is draped with lyrics about just being COOL. Who the fuck dont want that??? On Light One Up, Chip spits “/Forever I be F-R-E- Dollar Sign-H, chillin up in IHOP with them country fried steaks./ Super smoother, Kenny G, and these raps be the sax/ Shined up with the wax, bet them panties gone collapse./” The nigga is just COLD!

DOWNLOAD: Chip Tha Ripper – Gift Raps


Location: Meridian, Mississippi

Project: Return of 4Eva

Fresh Cuts: “Rise and Shine” “Dreamin'” “Rotation”

“I’m feeling like what the fuck, they want my soul/Like my ancestors’ ain’t enough/If I can’t trust my own government, who can I trust?/If I abuse myself daily, who can I love?/Shorty might have AIDS like who can I fuck?/ Sure enough that be the day that the rubber bust/….or I have a kid…..” Had to start that on off with lyrics. Big Krizzle is my nigga. I first heard him on MTVJams (who gives good artist alot of shine. They VJ is nice). It was his cut “Children of the World” which the lyrics above are derived from. He has a thick crooked letter accent but his lyrics are thoughtful and introspective. He raps about the fetters of his relationships, his family, and himself. His honesty is refreshing. His skill level can’t be ignored, so much so he was dubbed one of XXL’s Freshmen Class of 2011 (amongst a host of bums, Meek included). He also had the best Freshmen Cypher Freestyle. Return of 4Eva is more of the COTW type music I’ve come to love from him. Its mellow and introspective. Moreover its real hip hop. Not about the cars and clothes but about something we all have LIFE. Grab these tracks too….

DOWNLOAD: My Interpretation

DOWNLOAD: Children of the World

DOWNLOAD: Big KRIT – Return of 4Eva

Sir Michael Rocks (Mikey Rocks) @SirMichaelRocks

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Project: The Rocks Report

Fresh Cut: Every song but try…”Banco Populair” “Just For You” “Reach” “I See”

Banco Populair aka Skinny Nigga of the Year aka Mikey Rocks aka Sir Michael Rocks is one of my favorite rappers. The smoothness of his music is crazy. Shit I’m listening to this as I write. I orginially got down with Mikey Rocks from his group the Cool Kids (go grab all they shit. Every tape…HERE). His new project, The Rocks Report, is much like his Cool Kids stuff but much different. The beats are smoother and more versatile yet mellow and smooth. Rocks hits on every topic on all cylinders with a cool nigga swagger that can’t be matched. Even when not getting the girl he still makes up for it. From making it, to house parties, to clothes, to sex, to haters its all here. Here goes a sample: “I’m not like you niggas, I’m up we grind/Rain, sleet, hail, snow, or fucking shine/ Seen alot of life, seen a little death, seen alot of in between/Like a couple nigga go to sleep ever night but don’t have no dreams/ Whats that? You got goals? You gone live em? All out?/ Brooks Brothers? Ferragamo? Till your hair falls out?/ I’ma teach these kids everything that they don’t know how/ You said you was keeping it real…you said you would hold it down!/” The tape will leave you wanting more, its a classic. When Fish Riding Bikes coming soon. Grab all they music. Here’s some extras too….Bat Phone is my favorite.


DOWNLOAD: Foreign Features

DOWNLOAD: Sir Michael Rocks – The Rocks Report

Stalley @Stalley

Location: Massilion, Ohio

Project: Lincoln Way Night (Intelligent Trunk Music)

Fresh Cuts: EVERY SONG!

Stalley is one of my favorite rappers. In my top 5 favorites. I listen to his mixtape as much as I listen to Jay-Z. Stalley is the definitive blue collar rapper. He speaks on social issues, family issues and cars. Rarely does he deviate from the issues. His lyricism is and flow are perfectly matched when his bars hit the beat. I first hard him on Curren$y’s song Address, where Stalley stole the show with his introspective lyrics. His mixtape, no different. The tape holds true to the its being Intelligent Trunk Music. This is in no way the bullshit you here on the radio, and everyone I’ve put up on this has loved it. When talking about his own downfall he’s masterful. His comentary on the socio-political issues is wonderful. His insights on relationships are insightful. I’m going to go out on a limb and call this the mixtape of the year. On one bar he questions himself: ‎“…lookin in the mirror, like where the hell you been when you said….I got your back.” As if to say If I don’t protect myself who will. I owe myself to make. GET THIS INSPIRED MIXTAPE!


DOWNLOAD: Stalley – Lincoln Way Nights (Intelligent Trunk Music)

…..oh and get Pusha-T shit. You already know…. PUSHA-T – FEAR OF GOD


Man In the Mirror


Picasso's Girl Before A Mirror

Kanye West, in all his brashness and idiosyncratic notions, very often and with great eloquence, drops pros that speaks directly to the heart of its listeners. In a recent line rendered on a G.O.O.D. Friday gem called “The Joy” , Ye’ states with opaque clarity:

“In the mirror where I see my only enemy, your life’s cursed, well mine’s an obscenity.”
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