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The Lady’s and Gentleman’s Guide to Effective Respectful Infidelity

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the jungle! Don’t see any animals or a treacherous environment? I assure you they’re there. Physically, no. Metaphorically, yes! In these times and especially in the area I live in we’re definitely in the jungle. Primitive instincts, survival techniques, and anarchy are the name of the game. This is truly no country for old men, loyalty and contriteness is dead. There’s no honor amongst thieves. No place more so than in the traditionally most private place, the relationship between you and your significant other. It doesn’t have to be husband/wife, girlfriend/boyfriend. Most of us don’t even play those name games anymore. It’s still wrong. But since infidelity and cheating is so ubiquitous, why not do it respectfully like my man Shaq Diesel said. Because after all THERE ARE FEELINGS AT STAKE! Continue reading


Love be that sh*t.

20111115-112410.jpgLove be that shit man. Even when apart it and content you can have the propensity to miss it. It’s so crazy. It’s not out of the ordinary to miss the pain and anguish side of it. The fighting, the screaming, the name calling; all signs of a shared heightened emotion. An emotion that even in its most nefarious form is evidence of two hearts twined. And these aren’t even the good times. The greatness lies in the inpenitrible feeling that no outside entity can penetrate the chain locked around your hearts. The outlook that in the face of any magnitude of opposition that it’s YOU & I against them, US against the world. The only real battles are within, no other fronts matter. There’s an austerity that even after all the shit that you’ve been through its the THROUGH that is amplified. It’s jealous and generous. You want people to know but never too much, you want people to feel it but never with your counterpart. There’s a sense of pride in love. A sentiment that WE’VE REACHED THE TOP. And even in the bad time that WE are at an apex higher than those who have yet to even come to the mountain. Man love be that shit, love TODAY, even in contentment, your sorely missed. Like Drake said, look what you’ve done…

I often write to get my feelings down, I share to let people know they are not aliens, that I harbor the same emotions and sentiments you do.

…why men cheat.

I just wrote an article which I thought I saved, apparently I didn’t. It’s been that kind of day. But what can I do other than to continue to write, so anyway… Being the “Twitterhead” I’ve so recently become, Ive had the austere displeasure, but dually intriguing pleasure to sit courtside to the various maladies and discontentment of the urban female. And I categorize them as urban females because that’s the only types I follow on Twitter.  I recently wrote an article about women. This blog post received a fair share of adulation and numerous views on my site. The post gave a timeline to women and their actions during certain age brackets. The resounding response was “WHAT ABOUT THE MEN?!?” and believe me it was said with hair flipping and neck popping. And they’re right…but what about the men? Well as I mentioned before about my twitter proclivities, it lends to a lot of observations, mainly of dirty laundry and female grievances (I don’t really look at too many male tweets on my timeline, SUE ME.) The female grievances are mostly about men. The reoccurring theme I to see is “WHY DO MEN CHEAT?!?” I see so many tweets and statuses about infidelity and niggas cheating. And the females beg the question WHY? And some of the females have become so accustomed to the melancholy truth that men cheat that they’ve formed subquestions. Now it’s “Why did he cheat with that hideous girl, he don’t know she’s a whore?” or “Why would cheat with someone in Pennsauken?” or “She’s so gorgeous how could he even do that to her?” First off, these questions in themselves are sad and displaced because it’s come to the point of not just questioning fidelity. Girls have stepped past the wrong doing and are wondering why with a certain person. Why? period should be the question. Why has faithfulness become so scarce? It’s all very sad. It bothers me to see females sad, though I myself have contributed to my fair share of tears (by the way…sorry if you’re reading this and I’ve cheated on you). But to assist I’m going to try and shed some light on the dark places in a niggas mind that cause infidelities. Now when I go in on these things I don’t want you to think these are excuses. This is reasoning. . And because I don’t claim to know it all (most of the time), I can’t say I have the definitive answer, but I can try and divulge…

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Joy and Pain, good and bad, this is the verity of life. Life is cyclical, full of duality. I’ve come too learn that each side can only be characterized by the other. This is where their definitions lie. You only have one thing for lack of its opposite. Your joy is made by you lack of pain. Your sorrow, the moratorium on happiness. Things go work. They often do. Sometimes it seems more time than not. When these things happen I find solace in the fact that it’s opposite was even around and that surely it will have a reemergence. To permanently dispense with one would be to dull the other. So in times like this I write to remember such things. Everything isn’t as bad as it seems. Knowing is more than half the battle, its most of it.