Free Writing #2: Who’s More Emotional?

I got a few thoughts…

I saw tweets about men and their emotions and if they have any at all. So in accordance with that I said, “If fear is an emotion then men are more emotional than women.” And I won’t give away all the secrets, but I give me fair share of attention to the females, and because I write from experience most of my thoughts circle around females. So hear goes a few sound bites about men. Wikipedia says fear is a universal emotion, and since I have wiki trust I’ll agree. Women tend to be emotional and we know this. It’s just the way of the world, whether being derived from nature or nurture. MEN ARE THE SAME. It’s the nurture part of us that tends to fashion the way that we deal with emotion, or not deal with it in many cases. BUT with that said, we have them. The same ones. And I dare say more with the aforementioned things about fear. As men grow up we are generally taught to not have a lot of emotion, and this may be different today but in my youth and the generations before it seems as such. Boys don’t cry, it’s weak. We don’t show emotion, it’s a flaw. And this is all very archaic teaching and rearing, but to me it hasn’t proved helpful. And it’s also proven to be a detriment that never gets reversed or takes years and hassle to change. And I’ve writer about this. But in the argument about who’s more emotional I think men are. Now let me tell you why…

I’ll say this one more time… “If fear is an emotion then men are more emotional than women.” Keeping abreast that fear is an emotion I’d say men are more emotional. We have the same feelings and probably to the same degree. But in our case we front on them or hide them and it’s done out of fear. Fear of how we will be perceived by our significant other. Fear of how our niggas will laugh and get on us (when in fact they’re just as “emotional”). Fear of emotion itself. Debilitating fear. Fear to the point that some would rather lose a good woman than to admit that they, in fact, have an emotion. Or a situation has caused them to have one. And emotion doesn’t mean I’m in the corner weeping or bitching. Just that I feel some type of way towards something or a situation. But men tend to hide this, which is a horrible character flaw. So given that we have these same emotions, but fear the repercussions of bearing them or showing them die to the outside world, I venture to say we may be doubly emotional. You already have the initial emotion and then you add the emotion of fear of the emotion, and then that’s 2x the emotion. Now double may be a little high but, fear being an emotion adds to your natural emotion. So with that being said we as men seem to be worse off. Just thought i’d clear that up. I’m sure niggas will refute it and the ladies will love it. In my relationship I say how I feel, I could give a fuck how I look. And I’m sure I may be looked at negatively at times. But I’d rather have my shit on the table than to hold it in and be angry. That gets us both nowhere. She’s in the dark on how I feel and I’m internally fucked up for holding it in. Now let me say this…you don’t have to bear all to every woman or man. Some aren’t deserving, but the good ones will honor and cherish your truths. And in that you’ll be able to build a bond and have emotional real estate. Emotional real estate meaning an area built by you and that person which hold weight. And that real estate can stand up against issues and other outside people when that opposition arises. So men we might have the emotional thing based off of fear. And ladies y’all be emotional just cause so y’all asses still on the hook. Love & learn people.

Once again I wrote this purely off the top of my head on the iPhone notepad so I call this a free writing. No dictionary, proof reading, or editing. Love y’all.


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