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The Great Whore Debate

I was recently in the shower thinking about the reformation of the modern day hoe.  It’s a very interesting subject matter and even after I got out of the shower I sat for a few minutes pondering…almost to the point where I became ashy. We villanize people so much but never pull that mirror up to ourselves. Think about me and Yeezy’s boo Kim K for a second…now a second longer…now for a few more. But before we get into that lets reflect a bit:

After defining it as a typical garden tool, basically goes on to say that a hoe/whore is a promiscuous woman. Not rocket science. But being the man I am I must dig deeper. Where did this promiscuity have its genesis? Is such disdain and malign warranted? I mean you tend to hear women’s conversations like “Oh, that bitch is a whore…she let some nigga fuck her while she was pregnant! 2nd to 3rd trimester girl! Aaaannd it wasn’t even baby boy’s seed!!! She’s definitely a hoe…her son cute tho.”  Or you’ll hear a dude say to his man’s “Old girl a whore…she loose? I heard a couple niggas knocked it down from the hood. I mean I’m still tryna smash. You think she let me hit it? I think she know my baby mom tho my dude…”  And of course that’s some hilarious dialogue but I promise it’s true. For one I know for a fact the second one is true and for two I know that’s just how my girl talks. That pregnancy sex is definitely some whorish activity but like my man once told me “I’m sure I done poked some little nigga in the head.” LMAO anyway back to business…but what is the true definition? Is there a certain criteria? Let’s categorize…I’ll sprinkle some male whorage in there where I see fit too lol…

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I had some thoughts the other day, well I have some thoughts everyday but you know what I mean. I put off writing like I often do, and then today that quirkily sexy girl on Awkward was blogging so I figured I could pass some time by doing the same. While in the shower I started to think about some of the decisions people make, especially the folks I know; I say decisions but I really mean a way of thinking. To me a person’s way of thinking is a decision, whether a chosen or coerced one. Up until a perceived age of account of accountability your thoughts are rarely your own; they’re a formulation of social norms and parental guidance, OR lack thereof in many cases. And even with that social norms are the umbrella because they influence most people’s guidance anyway. Widely this isn’t a bad thing but widely it is. And I know that’s contradictory but there are pros and cons for each. But anyway in that shower I thought to myself a very profound question, like a whole real ass enigma:


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